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2-Day Exhibition & Conference


25th-26th October 2023 

The Recordings



Keynote Speakers


Deepa Mistry
Building Safety Crisis LTD


Chris Waterman
Public Policy Advisor

About the event

We learned about the future of construction from over 30 panellists during the two days of Vision Construct, diving deep into conversations on the future of our industry with Deepa Mistry, George Stevenson, Carol Massay, Michaela Wain, Sir Ken Knight, David Jones, Chris Waterman and many, many more. 

We learned from our Future of Construction panel that the newer requirements of Part L and Part O have the broader challenge of bigger cavities and that there are conflicting challenges between the two that make them difficult to fulfil whilst ensuring fire safety.  

We also looked into the pressing topics our industry has been eager to discuss – the importance of inclusion of women in construction, how mental health has affected the workforce, the impact of regulations and remediation on the end user, whether AI will develop as a hindrance or asset and how the industry can reach net zero targets in a reasonable timeframe. 

We learned from our Apprenticeships and Labour panel that the simplest things can make the largest difference to people new to our industry. For example, making sure the PPE available is the correct fit for everyone on-site, or making sure that restrooms for all genders are available, accessible and well-maintained on-site in order to not just avoid awkwardness but provide the bare minimum for new professionals. 

We learned from Sir Ken Knight on our fire safety panel that the government has changed their position slightly on the second stair core and that a grace period will be provided to allow the changeover, but that a building without a second stair core isn’t necessarily unsafe. 

Finally, we learned from Sapphire Balconies that a key difference between success and failure can be how your data drives you. At Wembley Stadium, Sapphire learned that they maintained the grass by hiring scientists as opposed to gardeners. By hiring those with a knowledge of data, they can more purposefully steer their success. The same can be said of carbon. By following science-based targets, reducing the carbon in a project can be data-driven and more purposeful as a result.  


Create, Deliver & Maintain
The External Envelope Vision

The how-to guidance from key influencers & external envelope leaders on residential construction projects.

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