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Collaboration in the construction industry has been a hot topic, as the sector can often be disjointed due to the various stages in the building lifecycle. The construction industry brings together a large number of diverse disciplines, making collaboration even more valuable.


ResiBuild is making a concerted effort to promote a collaborative approach in the built environment through a series of events and roundtables to discuss and overcome industry challenges.

What have others said?


This is the second of Sapphire’s events that I have attended and once again the roundtable discussion was very useful; I learnt a lot. The MMC discussion was particularly interesting. 
- Rosemary Slater, Catalyst Housing


If I had to describe Sapphire in one word it would be ‘innovative’. Today’s presentations have been extremely useful. Balcony cost is always important to our clients so the ‘Designing Cost out of Balconies’ CPD was particularly helpful.
- Carl Gulland, Director – John Pardey Architects


Today’s keynote ‘Response to Grenfell’ presentation was excellent; very informative and giving real food for thought. The ‘New Balcony Standards’ CPD was a particularly important presentation for myself and other fire safety and social housing attendees.
- Dan Coe, Director – Lite4Life

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