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TEDI Talks: Releasing Architectural Freedom while Simply Improving Thermal Performance

23 March 2023 

The recording

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You will learn about:

  • Advancement in thermal performance technology and its impact on architecture

  • How to achieve better thermal performance in buildings without sacrificing the design freedom of architects and designers

  • How to improve the energy efficiency of buildings and reduce their carbon footprint

  • The benefits of adopting better thermal performance in terms of energy efficiency, environmental impact, and cost savings

  • The role of innovation and collaboration in advancing thermal performance solutions

About the event

This event is dedicated to the Canadian residential construction market. Condo construction is on the rise and we're looking to the decision-makers, the architects, the passive house community and more to have their say on improving Canada's thermal performance. 

With both rising heats in the summer and plummeting freezes in the winter, it’s more important than ever to consider how to improve the thermal performance of our condominiums. Our online panel discussion, featuring keynote speakers from all corners of the real estate market, will provide individuals with the opportunity to gain insight into how to improve thermal management. You will learn how to improve your TEDI rating through easy changes and how to manage the level of thermal intensity your building is under.

Improving thermal performance at the penetration of the façade is crucial for 2023 and beyond. Achieving architectural freedom should be a core focus and our live, interactive discussions will help to facilitate answers to questions you may have.

We look forward to having you at the event.

Keynote Speakers

Andrew Peel.jfif

Andrew Peel


Peel Passive House Consulting

Andrew Geldard.jfif

Andrew Geldard

Design Director

BDP Quadrangle

Murray Hone.jpg

Murray Hone

Business Development Manager | North America

Sapphire Balconies

Rob Kirwan.jpg

Rob Kirwan



Kelsey Saunders.jpg

Kelsey Saunders

Senior Building Science Consultant

RDH Building Science


Create, Deliver & Maintain
The External Envelope Vision

The how-to guidance from key influencers & external envelope leaders on residential construction projects.

We have interviewed many residential construction professionals to understand their perspectives on the external envelope and gathered our findings in this book. 


There is a need within the residential construction sector to meet the challenges we all face and to collaborate to find solutions. There’s no such thing as a master of all trades, that’s why we’re playing the role of bringing together the experts of each of these fields.

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