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Thermal Bridging is not a Bridge too Far

The era of net-zero homes is upon us. The race to design and build the super-efficient homes of tomorrow that is happening today. Canadians use significant amounts of energy to heat, cool, and ventilate their homes. Managing what happens inside the building envelope is only one part of the battle. How do we as an industry, conquer the thermal bridging question?
Due to ever-changing code requirements and building practices, Canadian housing stock has undergone significant change over the years in terms of its thermal performance. As compared to previous decades, new houses are built with higher insulation levels, better airtightness, and more efficient space heating, cooling, and ventilation systems. But with all those internal concerns address, what about outside the building envelope?


Panel members

Les Yard - Soprema

Catherine Lemieux - RDH

Dritan Topuzi - Schock

Russell Richman - Ryerson University

Russ Jackson - Antamex

Scott Carpenter - Nudura

Adam Kimbell - Fero


Thermal Bridging is not a Bridge too Far

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