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Overcoming Shortages while meeting new requirements

We were joined by industry experts to discuss the current materials and labour shortages challenging construction and how to overcome this challenge while meeting the required standards.

During this event we explored:
- What the present challenges are and how the industry may overcome them.
- How recent and future standards/regulation is driving higher standards.
- Why it is important to reduce dependence on competency.
- Impact of changing market needs and social trends on residential buildings.
- Steps to unblocking constraints to enable efficient project pathways.


Panel Members

Lee Goodenough - Sapphire Balconies

Karen Jones - Kingspan Insulation UK

Dr Jonathan Evans FIMechE - Ash and Lacy

Richard Mcmullan - MyDek

David Longbottom - Construction Automation Limited

Ciara Walker - Core Five LLP

Tim Hall - Total Flow

Overcoming Shortages while meeting new requirements

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