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Fire Safety in High-rise Residential

The new legislation includes the new Construction Products Regulator whose aim it will be to regulate the industry and uphold the standards of products used in construction. The appointment of the New Building Safety Regulator will also oversee compliance with regulations. Both will impact many stakeholders in any residential construction project as the regulators are key to enforcing a safer system within the industry.  


During this event we discussed the ever-changing guidance and regulation and what is the best practice to designing out fire risk in high-rise residential buildings?


Panel members

Nick Haughton - Sapphire Balconies

Howard Passey - FPA

Archie Chandler - FCS

Luke Bedford - MyDek

John Newman - RSP Fire sprinkler systems

Carlsson Elkins - Sertus

Andrea White - Fire Engineer

Tom Welland - BB7

Craig Wells - Quelfire

Fire Safety in High-rise Residential

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