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Residential Stair MMC System launched By Delta

Delta Balustrade has recently launched a new Staircase balustrade system for highrise residential stair cores. Their stated aim for their new MMC system is for "installation times to be slashed by more than 80% thanks to a new off-site system". The new Konnekt K100 balustrade system is intended to be integrated with pre-cast staircases in the factory or site compound. Pre-cast staircases complete with balustrades are then lifted directly into place cutting out the need for traditional installation and finishing trades on site.

Mark Deayton, Director of Business Development at Delta Balustrades, said: “The introduction of Konnekt K100 is a real step-change for the speed and efficiency of pre-cast staircase installation.

The system will be officially launched by Delta this month.

Deayton said: “Our practical testing with contractors both off and on-site has demonstrated excellent results, and we are excited to share these with the wider industry on July 2nd.”

For more details of the launch click here.

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