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MyDek promises Luxura will innovate in the composite material market

Luxura decking showcase – Richard McMullan presentation

At the recent Resibuild Summit event in Dublin’s Guinness Storehouse on the 25th May, Richard McMullan of MyDek took to the stage to discuss the importance of fire safety in building & material design, to showcase MyDek’s new ‘Luxura’ material and to answer common questions on the unique properties of the mineral composite.

The importance of fire safety and the history of MyDek

Formed in 2019, MyDek has specialised in A-rated, non-combustible decking and provided these benefits to over 42,000 customers. Since the tragedy at Grenfell Tower five years ago, fire safety in cladding, balcony materials and interior design has been at the forefront of our minds. To that effect, it is key that combustibility of material in design is considered. Richard McMillan spoke about the importance of A1 and A2-rated, non-combustible material. By manufacturing these highly fire-safe material composites, such as their new Luxura range, further conditions such as rating of smoke production and flaming droplet no longer need to be considered as “there’s no smoke without fire”.

The Luxura range

McMullan showcased MyDek’s newest product, the Luxura composite material. Useful in application to a variety of landscaping options such as balconies, boardwalks or garden decks, Luxura was demonstrated as a composite material made from a combination of natural minerals and recycled ore runoff. The range is low maintenance, highly durable and dimensionally stable, resistant to warping with a lifespan average of 60 years.

The demonstration of Luxura’s properties was extensive, McMullan explaining that whilst Luxura can be installed with little-to-no specialist training using their SupportRail or BoxRail systems, other products can be very labour intensive, making Luxura an attractive option for consumers. Furthermore, Luxura was described as cost-effective due to it being a recycled material, as resistant to high heats, staying skin-comfortable in sunny weather and as having sophisticated waterproofing.

The product was finally subject to extensive testing, awarded an A1 EN13501 fire classification, tested for slip resistance at a beyond-one in a million chance of risk from slipping and impact resistance from 1.8m at 18 joules of impact force.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

McMillan finally answered some of the most burning questions often asked of the Luxura range. He detailed the product’s lean 35kg per square metre weight and lifespan of 60 years, then further described how the product features no external coating, hence mild damage from scratching will not cause the product to visibly deteriorate. Luxura is resistant to salt and sea spray due to its natural mineral makeup - further praised by the lack of treatment needed on the cut ends of the material.

Luxura is heat-resistant and dimensionally stable, meaning no warping or contraction will occur in extreme high or low temperatures. The material needs minimal maintenance other than an occasional wash, common with all types of decking. Finally, McMullan displayed a unique property of Luxura in that it can be laser engraved for customisation. One use of this property has been on a town’s boardwalk, where a timeline of local history has been engraved for local visitors to read over as they visit.

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