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Introduction to BS 8579:2020

Balconies and terraces are becoming increasingly popular as a way to give building occupants outside space – yet there’s been a lack of consensus in the UK on their optimum design.

The new British Standard for design of balconies and terraces, BS8579, was published in August this year.  With the construction industry using so many different interpretations of national standards it was felt there needed to be guidance to clear up some differences in opinion. The aim of the standard is to have a unified set of ideas relating specifically to the design of balconies and terraces.

While the guidance is not mandatory, it goes a long was to clear up many anomalies in the industry, The new standard applies to all nations in Britain although there may still remain some differences with English, Northern Irish, Scottish and Welsh regulations.

Sapphire's Technical Director and Founder, Andrew Parsons, is speaking at the BSI Webinar" - Guide to the design of balconies and terraces" on 6 October 2020

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Test Your Knowledge

Put your knowledge to the test and complete Sapphire's quiz on the new standard here:

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