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Insight Magazine | Issue 1 2024

Two issues of Insight Magazine Issue 1 2024 stacked on top of one another. The cover has a high-rise residential building on it and the caption "Proving Competency - using data to prove you're up to the task. Read more inside".

Insight Magazine Issue 1 2024 has just launched - are you ready to explore how data drives competency in construction?

We've got fascinating articles about Data taken from discussions we had at Vision Construct, a deep dive into the impact of recycled material and a look at how Grappler Balconies are making their mark in New Zealand.

We're thrilled to have guest articles from Alan Stenson (Neutral Carbon Zone) and Daniel Humphries (Coastal Global Logistics) on wide-ranging topics from the ongoing Red Sea Crisis to whether your sustainability output meets the standards expected of you in 2024.

Download the full issue below:

Download PDF • 12.93MB

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