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Good news... Residential Construction is restarting

Updated: Jun 8, 2020

After a while of hearing that many sites are stopping or have already been put on hold, its good to see announcements being made by key developers like Taylor Wimpey, Barratts, Wates, along with several housing associations that have announced that they are planning a May return with sites restarting and furloughed workers likely to be starting to work again.

Several of the UK’s biggest developing housing associations are planning a cautious re-opening of construction sites during May, many at a timetable some way behind the largest housebuilders.

It's interesting to see that media like Building magazine point out that "While many associations, such as Clarion and Peabody, are leaving the decision to press ahead or not with projects to their contractors or developer partners, those with their own construction divisions, such as L&Q, A2 Dominion and Orbit, are taking radically different approaches".

So how can construction sites work safely?

We fully understand it's hard to know what to do, especially since the Sunday government announcement were Boris actively encouraged construction workers to return to work. Fortunately we have recently interviewed a number of those in the industry talking about how they are workings safely and what measures can be taken to make sure individuals take ownership and the PPE they need. Whilst these were livestreamed to those who have pre registered you can still sign up now to watch these recordings. It's well worth it.

If however, you are furloughed or are trying to work remotely to serve the construction industry we have some great tips for you too from the Key Note speaker we had at our first Lockdown learning series which was Bob Hayward, one of the authors of the amazon best seller "Remote Working"

Email us at to access these recordings

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