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Future of Construction Post-Pandemic

Over the past few months, the construction industry has suffered immensely with the onset of the pandemic. While many companies faced challenges, many others learnt and improved their business models. Innovations and new technologies have been the focus of the construction industry looking for more stable solutions.

To learn more about navigating your construction business in the post-pandemic world, request access to our event and hear from some of the best in the industry. The event is packed with actionable tips, presentations on various technologies and a lot more on navigating through these turbulent times. Read on to find out about the various sessions with industry leaders:

Speeding up Construction with Light-gauge steel by James Walker, Sigmat Ltd

The pandemic has resulted in various restrictions, disrupting the regular pace of work. Learn how to speed up construction during these turbulent times by using light-gauge steel. James Walker from Sigmat Ltd talks about the various benefits of switching to light-gauge steel and outlines the best practices to ensure speedy installation.

The Advantages of Unitized Facades by Laurence Mcbeth, Alumet Systems

Unitized facades are quickly replacing traditional methods of construction. In our conversation with Laurence McBeth from Alumet Systems, he describes the benefits of unitized facades in construction, from an increase in safety to a significant increase in quality. Moreover, with the new social distancing rules, switching to unitized facades can also reduce the workforce required onsite.

The Importance of Balcony Refurbishments by Geoff Pelger, MyDek

Since the fire in Grenfell Tower, the external wall systems of high-rise buildings all over the country have been reviewed to ensure that they comply with the latest fire safety regulations. But due to the pandemic, refurbishment work has been halted at various sites nationwide. We speak to Geoff Pelger, the head of refurbishment at MyDek, about the necessity of these projects. Pelger stresses the importance of thinking long term and taking a holistic approach to safety when carrying out a refurbishment. He explains how refurbishments can be carried out cost-effectively.

Staying Productive Through the Lockdown and Looking Forward with Steelbuild

Many companies have seen productivity plummet during the lockdown. Lee Wilmshurst from Steelbuild talks about the various measures the company took during the lockdown to keep productivity up. The company reconsidered its COVID measures and made them more efficient by raising awareness.

Keeping Sapphire Safe and Productive by Phil Chitty, Sapphire Balconies

Phil Chitty from Sapphire Balconies talks about how the company has been affected by the pandemic and how it has adapted to the new normal. Employees have had to change their working practices significantly and improve their communications. In addition, the company has ensured that all its employees have the support they need during these turbulent times.

CDM Regulations by David Jones, Institute of Construction Management

David Jones, from the Institute of Construction Management, talks about the CDM regulations. He also talks about his current project, which is being run in collaboration with the CITB. Together, they are trying to integrate blockchains and algorithms to create a digital supply chain. He discusses the key points of the CDM regulations and how they need to become part of a company’s culture rather than just regulations to be followed.

Balcony Design: Learn from the Past for the Future, Nick Haughton from Sapphire Balconies

Nick Haughton of Sapphire Balconies talks about the company and its past projects and gives us a glimpse into the future of the company. He walks us through the various kinds of balconies and the particular advantages of Glide-on balconies.

Tune in and listen to the industry leaders talk about the latest innovations and how they are navigating the construction business in today’s new world.

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