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How fire safety might change construction in the next few years?

Fire Safety is an essential yet complex area all builders must address. As high-rise development increases so does the chances of fire hazards. In recent times, London has seen some of the worst high-rise building fires. This ultimately led to the widely known Hackitt Report.  


The first major part of implementing Hackitt was the combustible cladding ban which is well underway. However there have been several queries and challenges in implementing the ban causing confusion and hesitation, for example regarding laminate glass and decking. 


At this livestream event we look to uncover the what and the why of the grey areas of fire regulation changes. We will also help our audience understand the importance of having a fully traceable information train or “Golden Thread”. 


The “Golden Thread” is a concept identified in the Hackitt Report as being particularly important in residential construction. If kept up to date, the “Golden Thread” of information lives through the life of the process and becomes the measure against everything to be tracked.  


When this is done in the digital form, it can be fed into the different design, manufacturing and construction applications. Creating a library of information that all fits together. It extends to scheduling and delivery of information at the handover stage and into the final part of the golden thread in asset management applications. 


This will result is greater compliance and understanding of fire risk in residential buildings, enabling stakeholders to reduce risk and enhance building safety and quality. 

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Thermal Bridging is not a Bridge too Far

The era of net-zero homes is upon us. The race to design and build the super-efficient homes of tomorrow that is happening today. Canadians use significant amounts of energy to heat, cool, and ventilate their homes. Managing what happens inside the building envelope is only one part of the battle. How do we as an industry, conquer the thermal bridging question?
Due to ever-changing code requirements and building practices, Canadian housing stock has undergone significant change over the years in terms of its thermal performance. As compared to previous decades, new houses are built with higher insulation levels, better airtightness, and more efficient space heating, cooling, and ventilation systems. But with all those internal concerns address, what about outside the building envelope?



Bridging the Gap between Design & Build

There is a gulf between the design and construction companies on a building project and the operations managers who take over the end-product. This can occur when information isn’t properly defined at the outset because designers, contractors and manufacturers don’t have a specific brief as to what’s required of them.  


Collaboration with the built environment throughout the supply chain could bring together the often disjointed and diverse disciplines to focus on a projects lifecycle and address key challenges. The project process from concept to delivery to handover could be much smoother and simpler if the industry was more open to collaboration. 


At this event we addressed some of the key issues that occur because of this void and understand how the industry can overcome this gap in information by speaking with some of the leading voices in the built environment


Unlocking Construction's Efficiency

The pandemic has undoubtedly been a challenge for the industry but it is a catalyst for change. The impact technology, modern construction methods and the digital transformation have had on this industry during the past year, will be acknowledged for years to come.  


Building into 2021 & Learning from 2020

2020 has been a tumultuous year and the impact of COVID has been seen in most industries, construction included. At this virtual event heard from a number of industry professionals on their learnings from 2020 and how they aim to make 2021 a success

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Reducing Fire Risk & the Golden Thread

We explored the role the “Golden Thread” of information has on reducing fire risk through effective traceability and a consistent thread of up-to-date information to bridge the gap between design and construction. 

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The Future of Construction Post Pandemic

The Future of Construction Post Pandemic aimed to understand a range of industry perspectives on the future of construction post COVID-19. We looked to explore the consequences the pandemic has had or will have, such as resident demands for more private outdoor space as a result of the move to working


Get Residential Right in Dublin

Get Residential Right in Dublin focused on the future of residential construction in Dublin and the key needs within the Dublin market.

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Digital: An Accelerator to Construction

This virtual event focused on digital technologies within the construction industry and the impact it has on accelerating the industry.

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MMC: The thrust behind construction

This event in our series was focused on Modern Methods of Construction and how it is a thrust behind modernisation and efficiency within the industry.

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A Debate on Laminate Glass

This event in our series was a formal debate around laminate glass and its role in high-rise residential living. We had an in-depth discussion with a number of industry leaders.


External Envelope

This event focused on External Envelope. It was attended by a range of construction industry experts.

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Construction: Working from home, learning and staying productive

The Staying Productive event sought to educate construction professionals by exploring common challenges faced by the industry during this current crisis. We will tackle a number of topics from well being, continued learning and staying productive.


Auckland Summit

This event hosted in New Zealand explored how balconies can unlock the potential for Speed and Scale in the multi occupancy New Zealand Market. 


Highrise Resibuild London Summit

For our High rise summit at the Shard we brought together a unique and inspiring group of speakers for presentations and CPD's



This event focused on MMC and on Fire in multi-occupancy developments. It was attended by a range of construction industry experts to Government bodies and Fire Brigade Chief's

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This was the second event at the Gherkin in a 9 month period and was completely booked out from the morning roundtable and through the presentations during the day.

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