Unlocking Construction's Efficiency

Virtual Focus Group | 03 February 2021 12:30 - 14:00

The past year has been eye-opening to most stakeholders in the construction industry as the pandemic lead many sites and organisations to implement new technologies and working practices which will become the new normal in years to come.  


We have seen the digitalisation of so many working practices though out the industry. Building Magazine pointed this out “Long before covid-19, many construction businesses’ processes, operations, and procedures were considered outdated and the current climate is shedding light on this. The benefit is that companies can now identify the gaps to be bridged through digitalisation. For many companies, embracing new technology to keep on track during covid-19 has meant fast-tracking technology solutions that would have otherwise taken years to integrate.” 

At this virtual focus group we will be speaking to industry professionals on how construction can be more efficient in the future
Live Event with unlimited access
Join the virtual event LIVE on 03 February 2021 with our industry speakers and learn more about how we can make construction more efficient in 2021


03 February- The event will be live streamed from 12:30.

You will receive an email with the link to watch the focus group discuss unlocking constructions efficiency.

There will be a slido link where you can send in any questions you may have for the panel.

What will I learn?


During this event we will explore:

  • The role each of us can plays in efficiently delivering on each stage of a project 

  • The role digital can play in efficient planning, design and construction of buildings 

  • How standardisation and modern construction methods drive efficiency  

  • How the adoption of new technologies can stimulate growth and efficient construction practices.     


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