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Future friendly Façade Interfaces


At the beginning of 2021 Resibuild conducted a survey called Condo Balcony Trends in 2021, this was to gain an insight of the design trends of high-rise residential balconies in Canada.

We had over 200 respondents of which 60% were involved in the designing and / or building of mid-rise and above MURBs/Condos.

Through this survey we found the top challenges faced when designing in balconies were.

  • Thermal Transfer

  • Cost

  • Drainage

  • Aesthetically pleasing design

  • Interface with other products

When looking at making buildings more energy efficient and sustainable getting the interfacing right can make a significant impact. This is no longer just a preference but with new regulations relating to energy use and sustainably this is becoming a legal requirement. Looking forward the goal that provinces and territories adopt a “net-zero energy ready” model building code by 2030 is giving construction the much need push in the right direction.

So how do we ensure we meet the new demands whilst still producing a cost effective and aesthetically pleasing building?

During this event we will be discussing these concerns with industry experts who will be sharing their experiences and hopes for the future.

global facade.jpg

What will I learn?

  • How we can meet the growing demands of environmental efficiency

  • How we can use Simplified designs to enable us to build a better building

  • Sustainable design made easy.

  • The benefits of offsite production

  • Could Glide on balcony systems be the future friendly approach and is concrete a method of the past.








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