Fire Safety in High-rise Residential

Virtual Event | 11 August 2021 

12:00 - 14:00

Significant fires in low to medium rise residential buildings in recent years have shared many key features. There have been full building fires in both high-rise and mid-rise schemes and in each it would normally be anticipated that the fire is restricted to one or two rooms.  


When a fire spreads in a mid- or high-rise residential building, however, it can quickly engulf the external envelope.  This happens because a fire will always spread vertically, so it’s important to understand how a fire behaves at design stage. 


This recent history of building fires has embedded the importance of reducing fire risk at the design stage. The Government continues to make fire safety within construction a key priority and has introduced new fire safety regulation in the Fire Safety Bill and Building Safety Bill, therefore, the industry needs to adapt and change working methods to design out fire risk at an early stage, and work to build a culture with safety at its heart.  


The new legislation includes the new Construction Products Regulator whose aim it will be to regulate the industry and uphold the standards of products used in construction. The appointment of the New Building Safety Regulator will also oversee compliance with regulations. Both will impact many stakeholders in any residential construction project as the regulators are key to enforcing a safer system within the industry.  


With the ever-changing guidance and regulation what is the best practice to designing out fire risk in high-rise residential buildings? 


At this event we are bringing together key design experts from across the industry to provide insight on mitigating fire risk early be designing it out during the design stage of a project. 

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What will I learn?


During this event we will explore:

  • How will the new regulation addresses shortfalls in previous legislation? 

  • How can you prepare to comply with the new Building Safety Bill and Regulator? 

  • What is the best practice to designing our fire risk in the external envelope?  

  • How can the external envelope & balcony design impact fire safety during occupancy? 

  • Why is early engagement with manufacturers so critical to improve fire safety? 

  • How can the industry pivot to place a higher priority on fire safety in the future? 


Howard Passey

Director of Operations


Archie Chandler

Chairman and Head of Fire Engineering



Nick Haughton

Head of Marketing

Sapphire Balconies