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The External Envelope Vision

The how-to guidance from key influencers & external envelope leaders on residential construction projects.

We have interviewed many residential construction professionals to understand their perspectives on the external envelope and gathered our findings in this book. 


There is a need within the residential construction sector to meet the challenges we all face and to collaborate to find solutions. There’s no such thing as a master of all trades, that’s why we’re playing the role of bringing together the experts of each of these fields.


This book facilitates a collaborative approach to decision-making by presenting varying viewpoints from experts and leading professionals around the world. Driven by ATW Groups mantra and a passion for improving the industry, this book acts as a forum to generate discussion, share learning, further thought leadership and cross-fertilise ideas.

This book has been made possible through ATW Group’s mantra of ‘Innovation to Prosper the Community’, in doing so advocating better standards in the industry. As part of this approach, Resibuild events brought together the industry to talk about these challenges as a free forum for discussion. It was at one of these events that the concept for this book was born.


Following a roundtable on fire safety hosted at The Gherkin in London, a peer from another part of the industry commented to me, “it’s a shame it has to be a balcony company which brings us all together to speak about issues, but thankfully they have done it”. It’s at that point that we realised there was a role for us to play in bringing experts together to the benefit of our industry. Here was born the vision of this book.

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We spoke with some of the contributors to the book to ask them why they contributed



This book uniquely brings together a unique body of around eighty expert authors at what can only be regarded as one of the most critical stages in the recent timeline of the industry ─ marking a paradigm shift into new ways of working and procuring construction in a fast evolving digitally connected world.


—  David Jones, Institute of Construction Management


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