Create, Deliver & Maintain The External Envelope Vision:

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Chapter 3 Additional Resources
Maintaining The Vision

This page provides the additional resources for each article in Chapter 3 of the External Envelope Vision Book. 

Resources are sorted in the same order as the book. The first article in the chapter through to the last. 

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Additional Resources:

The Chapter is divided into 5 sub-topics. Click the section text below to jump to the additional resources for that sub-topic

CDM Regulation:

Understanding CDM at Every Stage of Construction 

David Jones Director of Education and Training, Institute of Construction Management 



Product Inspection & Maintenance:

Low Maintenance Does Not Mean Maintenance-free 

James Allen, Glass Safety and Security Risk Consultant, AITCo Consulting 



Maintaining Balconies 

Phil Chitty, Environment, Health and Safety Manager, Sapphire Balconies 



Moving Deck Reburbishment Beyond Mere Compliance 

Luke Bedford, Head of Sales, MyDek 



Cleaning: Glass Systems:

Façade Cleaning: Begin With The End in Mind  

Brad Staines, Owner and Managing Director, Aquamark Cleaning Limited.  


Maintaining Safety:

Involving End Users in Resident Safety 

Samia Badani, Head of Strategy and Partnerships, SPAH&W 


Summer Safety in High-rise Living



Fire Safety Knowhow for Balconies 

Kevan Brelsford,  Fire Engineering Officer at the West Midlands Fire Service 


A New Approach to Managing and Mitigating Risk 

Bernhard Elber, Development Director (SQP), Berkeley Group PLC.  



Anticipating Foreseeable Risk 

Paul Unsworth, Operations Manager, Safety Fire Rescue.  



The Role of In-situ Testing  

Mostafa Jafarian, Principal Certification Engineer for Façades and Structure, Warringtonfire  


Improvement and Innovation for Fire Safety 

Tim Hill, Research and Development Manager, Sapphire Balconies. 


Preparing a Safety Case for High-rise Buildings 

Russ Timpson, Managing Director, Tall Building Fire Safety Network.  


Quality of Living:

Making a Balcony Part of a Home 

Gareth Dixon, Head of Sales and Marketing, Skize. 



Designing High-rise Gardens 

Philip Dundas, Founder and Creative Director of