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Event Partners Explained

New Event partnership

One of the fundamental reasons for creating Resibuild was a mutual platform where companies partnership for each others benefit

Do Event partners pay to contribute?


No. We dont want to run events purely because people want to pay to promote themselves. We are all about running high quality thought leadership events which are attended by key industry personnel and that means we want to select companies which have the same goal and values as we have. 

Why have partners?

Event partnership mean that we both benefit and so do the attendees. What we look for in partners is for an investment of energy and promotion to maximise attendance and delivery high quality material. Resibuid and any event partners each will promote the event on their own marketing channels and social media accounts, driving attendance which is mutually beneficial to all those attending. Each partner will be allocated times to speak, run roundables or network and based on how much exposure they have will depend on the minimum quota attendance target (There is only a cost for attending if the quota is missed). 

Partners will be selected on credibility and relevance of content, alignment of values and on having a mutual target audience. The role of a partner at an event will usually be one of the following:

  • Presenting during the day 

  • Chairing a roundtable discussion

  • Joining a panel discussion

  • Networking only

If you are interested in becoming a partner at a future event and would like more information please email:

Partner Agreement

What will you get

As a partner, you will get the opportunity to join us at one of our events, either virtual or physical.

The opportunity will include at least one of these positions - speaking opportunities, panel place, stand space.

Your logo and site link on promotion material for the event, Free space to promote and network.

What role does a partner play

As a partner, you would be expected to promote the event and assist to generate registrations. The type of promotion and number of registrations will be dependent on the event, your role/exposure and will be agreed upon at the initial meeting.


From event launch to delivery a timeline for meetings and promotion will be agreed upon with both parties.

Data privacy

The contacts signing up for the event will be made aware their details may be shared with the partner for marketing purposes. Anyone who opts out of sharing their information will not be shared with the partner, nor will they be used by partners for commercial and promotional purposes. Valid leads must provide an email address and consent to details being shared with the partner.


This cost free route to high quality events gives the exposurer to a new audience also comes the prospect of new leads, conversions, and ultimately, customers.

Conference presentation

Previous Partners

Work Together.
Gain Together.
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