Digital: An Accelerator to Construction

Virtual Event | 15 July 2020 9:00AM

Using digital tools in the built environment is an excellent option for many reasons. For one, both time and money are saved along with a reduction in risks.
Enhanced data can help drive more informed decision making. It makes it much easier to sketch up different solutions and costs. Using digital tools increase efficiency and compliance and offers greater accountability and record keeping.
In this live event, we focus on digital technologies within construction and their impact on accelerating the industry output.
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Join the virtual event LIVE on 15 July 2020 with our industry speakers and learn more about the role of digital tools in construction.
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What will I learn?


During this event we will explore:

  • How digital traceability can increase success

  • How technology is being used already within construction

  • How BIM and Digital tools are being used to drive decisions

  • How digital tools can help reduce cost

  • How digital tools will influencer future design


Subject: The future of balcony design (CABS)

Elston Gurr

Sales Manager - Sapphire Balconies

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Subject: Better Costs through Hypothesis


George Stevenson -


Managing Director
ActivePlan Consulting Ltd


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Subject: The Digital Golden Thread

Tristan Parsons

Group Managine Director - Sapphire Balconies

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Karl Pallister

Head of Innovation - Sapphire Balconies

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Subject: Quality: Digital tracibility the Key to Success (Passport)

Shaun Farrell

Associate Director - BuroHappold

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Subject: how digital tools and BIM are used to drive decisions

Dr. Nimrita Bassi

Construction Marketing Consultant

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Subject: Product Manufactures leading the digital scene

Andrew Gamblen

Digital Manager - Willmott Dixon

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Subject: BIM & digital tools are inspiring future construction within Willmott Dixon

Allister Lewis

Head of Technology - ACG Architects

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Subject: A Case Study of BIM

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