Bridging the Gap Between Design and Build

Virtual Event | 10 March 2021 10:00AM

There is a gulf between the design and construction companies on a building project and the operations managers who take over the end-product. This can occur when information isn’t properly defined at the outset because designers, contractors and manufacturers don’t have a specific brief as to what’s required of them.  


Collaboration with the built environment throughout the supply chain could bring together the often disjointed and diverse disciplines to focus on a projects lifecycle and address key challenges. The project process from concept to delivery to handover could be much smoother and simpler if the industry was more open to collaboration. 


At this event we hope to address some of the key issues that occur because of this void and understand how the industry can overcome this gap in information by speaking with some of the leading voices in the built environment.

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Join the virtual event LIVE on 10 March 2021 with our industry speakers and learn more about how we can make construction more efficient in 2021

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10 March- The event will be live streamed from approximately 10:00 with the live Q&A session taking place at 13:00.

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