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Creating a Successful Vision

Virtual Event | 09 March 2022 

12:00 - 13:30

Building an outstanding neighbourhood involves several factors. We need to collaborate and build a neighbourhood that is respectful of the existing neighbourhoods. The design of the building must compliment the neighbourhood and respect their heritage. We need to ensure the standards of the building comply with the resident’s needs, are visually appealing and functions efficiently.  

In this virtual event, we will uncover the advancements in the residential industry – new developments in design and fast-changing regulations for creating a neighbourhood. We will also talk about how material shortages from last year have made an impact on the pricing for this year.  

Also, we will help our audience understand how to support the environment by reducing carbon footprint and making way for a better tomorrow. Additionally, we will focus on some of the key areas of fire regulations for the year 2022.  


What will I learn? 

  1. What are the design trends for the future? 

  2. Fast-changing regulations: what does it mean? 

  3. What do material shortages and price hikes mean for the year 2022? 

  4. How to efficiently reduce the carbon footprint and save our environment? 

  5. What are the changes or upcoming fire regulations for the year 2022? 

  6. How to build not just good looking but efficient buildings? 

  7. How to combat the challenges of 2022 by early collaboration? 

At this event, we will be exploring topics covered in the first chapter of our book 'The External Envelope'.

About the External Envelope Vision Book 

In total, the new External Envelope Book features 87 unique contributions from an incredibly extensive range of organisations and companies involved in the built environment sector. This includes contributions from experts at Clarion Housing, the National House Building Council, the National Fire Chiefs Council, L&Q, Berkeley Homes, Sheppard Robson, and Willmott Dixon. As a result, the new publication is helping to identify points of convergence between different stakeholders and reinforcing the need for more holistic working practices in the construction sector. Read more Here.


Monday 07 March 2022 - All pre-recorded interviews will be available to watch in your own time

Wednesday 09 March 2022 12:00 - Live panel discussion will begin

Panel Members 

Brendan Geraghty.jfif

       Brendan Geraghty


     Centred Architecture

Ernie Bardrick.jfif

Ernie Bardrick 


E8 Design

David Jones.jfif

David Jones

Director of Education & Training


Tom Hall.jfif

Tom Hall

Chief Economist from Barbour ABI and AMA Research Ltd


Richard Fairhead

Head of Residential

3D Reid Ltd


Nick Haughton

Head of Marketing

Sapphire Balconies


Create, Deliver & Maintain
The External Envelope Vision

The how-to guidance from key influencers & external envelope leaders on residential construction projects.

We have interviewed many residential construction professionals to understand their perspectives on the external envelope and gathered our findings in this book. 


There is a need within the residential construction sector to meet the challenges we all face and to collaborate to find solutions. There’s no such thing as a master of all trades, that’s why we’re playing the role of bringing together the experts of each of these fields.

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