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Sapphire Balconies
Balcony Fires: Learn from the past, an approach to the future: 30min Presentation

Fire presentation that purely looks at current case studies of a few recent fires that have happened this year, explores common causes and how these can be designed out. It also gives clarity on the current fire regulations and Sapphire’s active product development. These solutions are above what is currently required but will give advice on what regulations we feel balconies will likely need to meet in the future.

You may also be interested that we have also recently published a Whitepaper: “Recommendations regarding fire safety on balconies in high rise residential blocks”.

Further information can be found here.

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Sapphire Balconies
Balconies: From Fires, To ‘The Ban’ & Beyond: 45 Min Presentation

We have explored the balcony fires that have occurred since the Grenfell disaster and the extensive regulation and advice that has been issued. We bring our research to you in a comprehendible CPD that takes you on a journey through the numerous balcony fires that occurred in the past 3 years, the history of balconies, laminate glass and the combustible cladding ban. We then look into the future to see what action each individual can take in the industry to reduce the fire risk and improve balcony design. Further information can be found here

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Sapphire Balconies
Balconies Made Rigid, Ready & Right: 1 Hour

With the absence of a balcony specific standard, yet a host of different organizations stipulating a range of requirements, balcony design has often been a minefield. We have extensively explored the thousands of pages of regulations, and add our findings from expansive testing to bring to you a clear understandable presentation in which we explore the requirements that need to be met as well as innovative solutions.

Our CPD presentation includes videos of real life processes, 2D and 3D technical diagrams, tables and extensive professional photos in order to allow attendees to easily digest the wealth of balcony design expertise and understand how they can be applied on their relevant projects. 

We aim to explore, educate and inspire balcony design so that we can make a difference to all attendees.

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Sapphire Balconies
Effective Water Management of Balconies: 20 Min Presentation

Our Water Management CPD explores the various regulations and requirements for managing water on your balconies. We discuss the key differences between piped, free and controlled draining along with key considerations you should be aware of when designing your balcony. 

​This includes new recommendations from the recently announced BS 8579: 2020 Guide to the design of balconies and terraces.

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The Essentials of Class A Decking

Boost your knowledge with one of MyDek's CPDs delivered online via video conferencing.

Confused about the legislation, advice notes and current demands and issues surrounding non-combustible products on external facades?
The MyDek CPD, titled "The Essentials of Class A Decking" goes over key points that you need to know and then dives into further training regarding the specification of suitable decking systems.

By the end of the CPD you will know:
1) The key critical elements of the revised Part B legislation in relation to external facades
2) Up to date information on advice notes from the government and future intentions
3) The performance standards of powder coatings and why they matter in non-combustible decking system
4) How to effectively specify Class A decking to ensure you, your clients and the residents are safe and sound

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Cavity Barriers in a Ventilated Facade 

This course is ideal for contractors and manufacturers of rainscreen or cladding systems designed to allow for ventilation and drainage in the system.

This CPD looks at some of the key functions a ventilated façade must accommodate; the UK regulatory requirements for fire protection within this facade type including the latest changes regarding fire classifications. It looks at the different types of fire barriers, which ones are suitable for this specific application and what important principles they must incorporate; also the testing and certification of them and assists you to find the routes to prove compliance when installing the cavity barrier component into the façade system. It also puts forward some typical problematic areas and how to overcome them early in the design stage to avoid them surfacing down the line on site and shows the fundamentals of installing the Siderise RH & RV cavity barrier system for ventilated façades.

Learning objectives

  • Functions of ventilated façades

  • The regulatory requirements

  • The design of cavity barriers for ventilated façades

  • Routes to compliance

  • Product selection

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Constructions Carbon Dilemma

This Carbon CPD breaks down the types of carbon and current reduction approaches. We bring our extensive research to provide you with solutions for the future, methods available, and how different balcony materials perform. We also reflect on regional differences.Toward the end of the presentation, we provide practical steps for ethical carbon reduction, identify themes to look for, and show how to spot best practices based on evidence.

Effective Passive Fire Protection for Gaps and Penetrations in Buildings

As part of our mission to educate the construction industry about the importance of passive fire protection, we offer a CPD training titled “Effective Passive Fire Protection for Gaps and Penetrations in Buildings”.

The training is primarily aimed at specifiers but is highly beneficial for anyone involved in the design or management of the installation of passive fire protection solutions; architects, designers, contractors, project managers, consultants and surveyors.

The CPD certified training raises awareness of the importance of early engagement thus ensuring compliant installations and enables effective design and specification of complete passive fire protection systems. The training also provides an overview of solutions available and what to look for to ensure suitability and compliance.

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