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Attract & Retain Talent: Building a Future-Ready Construction Team

22 February 2023

The Recording

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You will learn about:

  • Strategies and best practices for attracting and retaining talent in the construction industry

  • The current state of the construction force

  • Building a company culture that attracts top talent

  • Developing a recruitment strategy that works

  • Implementing training and development programs

  • Adapting to changing workforce demographics and expectations

About the event

This event will be focusing around the challenges behind recruitment. We're looking forward to hosting our keynote speakers, who will be sharing their tips on recruitment and retention. We hope that the event will act as an evergreen learning opportunity for all of us within the residential construction industry to improve our recruitment skills and hire the most talented job seekers in the country. 

Keynote Speakers

Alex Dean - be more effective.jfif

Alex Dean


Be More Effective

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Tristan Parsons


ATW Group

Rosalind Thorpe.jfif

Rosalind Thorpe

Director of Education & Standards


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Tom Lloyd - Headshot.jpg

Tom Lloyd

Director - Policy and  Strategic Development

Eastern Colleges

Andy Rayner.png

Andy Rayner


LEAP Apprenticeships and Early Careers


Create, Deliver & Maintain
The External Envelope Vision

The how-to guidance from key influencers & external envelope leaders on residential construction projects.

We have interviewed many residential construction professionals to understand their perspectives on the external envelope and gathered our findings in this book. 


There is a need within the residential construction sector to meet the challenges we all face and to collaborate to find solutions. There’s no such thing as a master of all trades, that’s why we’re playing the role of bringing together the experts of each of these fields.

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