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Resibuild has been created by demand.  It is a brand focused on driving thought leadership in the Residential Construction sector.


Since our initial events in 2018 focused on the balcony industry, these summits have increased to larger industry conferences with a variety of speakers. Yet at heart, each event is focused on bringing top names with inspiring, up-to-date knowledge together.

2020 has seen us extend our clients Globally to both New Zealand and Canada.

Why you?

Staying up-to-date is difficult but combining this with passion and inspiration is even trickier. This breadth of knowledge and range of residential construction contacts is testament to the success which drives each Resibuild event.

What is different about Resibuild?

Resibuild is neither a commercial events brand needing to make a profit by charging event attendees or exhibitors. Neither is it a single company in isolation. Resibuild is a key channel which the ATW group give back to the industry. 

We are a collaborative thought leader which selects the best companies and individual speakers to bring key topics to life. In doing so we network with many other organisations trying to achieve the same goal of improving the industry through thought leadership. Here are a few of our events:


Image by Giammarco Boscaro

UK & Ireland

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